Alex Lo
Alex Lo
Alex Lo has been a Post columnist since 2012, covering major issues affecting Hong Kong and the rest of China. A journalist for 25 years, he has worked for various publications in Hong Kong and Toronto as a news reporter and editor. He has also lectured in journalism at the University of Hong Kong.

Sorry, but there is no crime wave in the country, and young college graduates are not doing so terribly in finding jobs relative to their foreign cohorts.


Despite the unfounded claim of the island’s ‘undetermined status’ favoured by some US hardliners and island secessionists, it has always been the case that it’s either the Republic of China or part of the People’s Republic of China.

A news report saying Xi Jinping thinks America wants to set a trap for mainland China to attack the island should make us all sleep better at night.

Without naming names, a joint statement by 93 countries in a show of support for the International Criminal Court is an unmistakable rebuke of the lawlessness of US and Israel.

US$38.3 million ruling for Colombian victims has been ordered against Chiquita, one of the world’s largest banana producers that traced its dark history back to the infamous United Fruit Company.

The Netanyahu brothers mark the moral arc of Israel, from the heroic self-sacrifice of the older Yonatan to the wanton massacre in central Nuseirat under Benjamin.

Greater familiarities with Shenzhen and beyond through weekend visits and with Britain through BN(O) migration are likely altering their perceptions of both places in fundamental ways.

Whether it’s a ‘no limits’ relationship between two countries, an alleged genocide, or wasteful industrial policy, the criticisms have all come back to haunt Washington.

Only the Ukrainian leader, not China, can secure his country’s nuclear safety and end the war – if he wants to, and if his Western backers would let him.

New Cornell University study finds farmland ownership by adversary states – China, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba and Russia – collectively accounts for only 1 per cent of all the foreign-owned agricultural land in the US.

Some of the most respected publications in Britain and America have resorted to obscure legal grammar such as the use of commas to justify killing children ‘legally’ in Palestine.